Who we are:

Established in 2008, Ipkom is a company where fresh ideas are interlaced with variegated experiences of skilled workers. Company is pooling experts with long standing experiences in the field of informatics and telecommunication fields specialized for public protection and disaster relief specifics. Our work is focused above all on idea to easyness digital transformation of work processes related to telecommunications and IT.

Care for our customers is expressed by high quality support since our goal is to have content clients with long-term cooperation.

What we do:

At Ipkom we are offering a wide range of services and solutions, anywhere from simple to complexed ones. As engineers with more than 20 years of experiences on the field of telecommunications and IT, we are proud with our products and systems for public safety area and solutions like state of the art football information system Regista.

Our mission is to bring the best from telecommunication / information fields and to provide the seamless user experience to the end costumer.

Quality guaranteed

We test our products from the first stage of development, ensuring the highest level of quality and functionality.

Innovative solutions

We have a large number of technical solutions that represent an important milestone in development of our client’s companies.

Team of experts

Our professional team is developing and testing both existing and new products, so we are able to provide high quality products and know-how.

24/7 support

Our team of experts will provide the answers and assistance you needs – 24/7.

IT cost optimization

After years of challenging and continuous gathering of experience, we treat cost optimization as an ongoing discipline and create a transparent view of costs.

Conceptual solutions

Initial technical approach developed to satisfy project requirements as they are known early in the project.