Regista NZS aplication

NZS – Football Association of Slovenia

Regista is an application for managing work processes of football associations. The system enables users to control all elements in the process, while recording all things about all involved actors. These actors are: regional football associations, clubs, players, coaches, judges, delegates, referee controllers, disciplinary judges, as well as competitive (club and representative) and administrative commissions.

Benefits of the system:
– It offers a high response and system availability regardless of which operating system it uses. A redundancy of the data part is also enabled.
– Modular structure allows for soft upgrades and required optimizations. Accordingly, partial use of the system is possible, from basic to full scale.
– A multi-level mastermind of the system guarantees a higher security level. protection. The system administrator manages a wide set of user rights that are assigned to each user of the system. The allocation of rights, which are limited in time, is also enabled.
Since 2015, the Regista system has been used as the main IT system of the Football Federation of Slovenia.